Here’s What Sound Recording can teach us about Omni-Channel Marketing

I’ve been recording music for about 15 years. Long days, and nights, alone in my basement, bedroom, dorm room, and now music room (!), I’ve recorded about 300 songs which I’ve also written. Honestly this isn’t something I share openly with my professional side because I’ve never been one to shout about my talents. The […]

Stop looking to others for the perfect email frequency

Stop googling it. While I’m thrilled you’ve stopped in, I’m going to give the TL;DR: Test and figure it out yourself. There really isn’t a perfect frequency. Many studies have been done on it and the reality is that it entirely depends on your brand, products, customers, sales lifecycle, ect. One thing which is consistent is […]

How to block your own visits from Google Analytics

It can be extremely misleading when you’re working on new pages or a new site and Google Analytics is counting your page visits as you check your work. Here’s how you stop that from happening. Our advice is to get the IP addresses from everyone on your team (if that’s feasible). First, navigate to your […]

How to block Trump-loving Russian hackers in Google Analytics

This evening I happily made my way to AgileCMO’s Google Analytics to check in. Immediately I noticed unusual traffic coming from Russia, China, and Germany. I checked the languages and noticed as well some unwelcome visitors: Here at AgileCMO, we’re all about bringing people together, but suffice it to say we don’t speak– well–any of […]