Make your Thank You Pages Smarter With On-Page Dynamic Content

Make your Thank You Pages Smarter With On-Page Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is used all the time in emails. The signature, the body copy, the image shown, the offers – all of these could be dynamic based on any of your database’s contact fields in Pardot.

But did you know you can use that exact same method on your webpages, too? Oh yes.

Let’s say you have sales reps broken out by states. With one of our awesome clients, Kickboard, this is the case. We’re also using Pardot’s geolocation tagging to immediately capture the lead’s state when they convert on a form. So behind this form below, the state is being dynamically added to the submission using the lead’s IP address.

Pardot Dynamic Content

We can introduce the new lead to their dedicated rep dynamically and instantly on the thank you page, with a goal to improve the user experience and the future emails they’ll be receiving from that rep.

How to Insert Pardot Dynamic Content on a Webpage

First, we need to create the dynamic content! For this, we wrote a simple thank you note, which uses the lead’s first name, and introduces them to the rep.

Navigate to Marketing > Content > Dynamic Content

Since the reps are split up by location, our rules say, “If lead State is ‘MA;NJ;CT’, etc., show Version A.”

Pardot Dynamic Content

As you can see, we have a few reps here. We’ll repeat the process for each rep and their states, and at the end of it we copy the embed code java script to the actual page, like this:

Next, we’ll build our landing page, and I imagine you’ll have a spot in the template for the body copy. In that placeholder, you’ll be pasting the code you’ve copied into the placeholder on the page, like this:

Pardot Dynamic Content

Let’s see how this looks in the browser.

Think of the Possibilities!

Oh boy, this is just the beginning. Think of all the places you can go with this. You can build dynamic content on any field in your database. You could show different content to Managers vs CEOs, or a red background if their favorite selected color is, well, red. You get the idea. How else could you picture yourself using Pardot’s Dynamic Content?

If this feels little overwhelming to you, get in touch with Nurturelabs and we’ll be happy to help implement some awesome dynamic strategies.

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