Nurturelabs has assisted companies large and small in improving their data attribution and email nurture frameworks. These are their stories.

Kickboard Inc

Kickboard turned to Nurturelabs in the beginning of 2017, perplexed seeing very little data pass from Pardot into SFDC for new leads. Ryan came in to find that they were in need of a strong data attribution model to capture data not only for incoming leads on their first touchpoint and source, but also their activity as a lead, and then transferring that data to Contact and Opp.

HPE Software

HPE Software came to Ryan’s team with a gargantuan task. As it stood, they spent millions every year to send batch and blast campaigns to their contacts, and wouldn’t reuse any of the content or emails from those campaigns in their future efforts. The result of this was wasted money, snail-level speed agility, and frustrated executives. Discover how we built a new platform inside of Eloqua which would allow for contact to rotate through nurture paths continuously.

SmartBear Software

SmartBear Software had a lofty growth goal to reach – 130%. Ryan and his team were tasked with designing a promotional campaign to help the sales team reach that goal, if not surpass it. Ryan worked on a team of 7 extremely talented individuals who brainstormed together to come up with the campaign – one which would be done through outbound email and via the channel team.