The State of Marketing: Medtech

Thanks to advanced marketing automation software, you can now offload some of your most time- consuming tasks giving you extra time to focus on other important tasks.

Identify Lost Leads with these 3 custom lead flows

We’ve all got the problem of unknown contacts in our database, just taking up space. But you can start to identify these unknowns living deep within your database abyss with these three nurture flows.

Why Content Experience Matters

What if we told you there was a faster path to pipeline that could help your team spend less money to acquire new customers and speed up the time to revenue?

Content experience could be the answer. Here’s why it deserves your attention now.

Pardot Automation Rules

With so many uses for automation rules in Pardot, it’s not uncommon for clients to be unsure of the types of rules to put in place to meet specific business needs & processes. In fact, automation rules are one of the most common topics clients ask about during implementation! What are their purpose? How do they work?

Email Platform Migration Playbook

Everything you need to keep an eye out for as you evaluate options, features to keep in mind, and what you’ll need to plan for before you make the switch. We’ve even put together a checklist that’ll help ensure you’ve got everything lined up pre-move.

How to structure the perfect email

Email design is critical. With a poorly though through email, it doesn’t matter how great your segmentation or timing is.

Infographic: Digital marketing trends in 2022

This year continues to be all about personalization, and engaging leads in new ways.

Read on to our free infographic, and then let’s chat about how you can drastically reduce both time to close, and customer acquisition cost with a well built nurture.

2022 Medtech email marketing trends

We’re always watching for new trends in the medtech industry. But it seems some of the themes from 2021 aren’t going away any time soon, and with good reason.