The proof is in the pudding: Email ROI

Email marketing is more powerful than it’s ever been. The past decade saw a record amount of new technologies emerge, making […]

Build a Happy Birthday campaign in Eloqua

Simple, fun, and a fine reason to reach out to your customers and leads. If you collect birthdate data for you contacts, Eloqua gives you an easy way to send a birthdate email. Here’s how!

Build a Product Purchase Anniversary Campaign in Eloqua

This is a recent program we built for a client, and while it is simple in theory, it proved to have a number of complexities we had to work through. As it turned out, the solution was pretty simple, so let’s talk about it!

Strategic Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Strategic Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide Marketers often find a challenging to prove the value of their efforts. But, if all […]