The proof is in the pudding: Email ROI


Email marketing is more powerful than it’s ever been. The past decade saw a record amount of new technologies emerge, making this one of the most exciting decades for marketers in recent memory. And it’s only getting better.

An explosion of new digital technologies has pushed marketers to evolve. But those same technologies can leave a marketer’s head spinning: What’s the right marketing mix for your company, your products, your industry? How much should you invest in new channels? Which channel is most effective for acquiring new customers and driving revenue for your business?

Even with the explosion of new technology, marketers keep coming back to email. The reason is clear: For ten years in a row, email is the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

Learn about all the stats from CampaignMonitor’s report.

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