Stop looking to others for the perfect email frequency

Stop googling it. While I’m thrilled you’ve stopped in, I’m going to give the TL;DR: Test and figure it out yourself. There really isn’t a perfect frequency. Many studies have been done on it and the reality is that it entirely depends on your brand, products, customers, sales lifecycle, ect. One thing which is consistent is […]

Find Lost Leads in your Database with these Custom Nurture Flows

We’ve all got the problem of unknown contacts in our database, just taking up space. But you can start to identify these unknowns living deep within your database abyss with these three nurture flows. Here, we’ll cover a few different flows I’ve designed to help identify lost contacts. Each flow is a bit different, and […]

6 Ways Wearables Boost Health Club Loyalty

  Imagine, if you will, the mysterious unknown of everyone’s actual exercise habits. It’s a bit difficult, we know, because apps like MapMyRun and Fitbit allow users to share their wildly impressive 5 minute miles as the rest of us wipe the potato chip grease from our hands. With sales of wearables expected to be […]