Stop looking to others for the perfect email frequency

Stop googling it. While I’m thrilled you’ve stopped in, I’m going to give the TL;DR: Test and figure it out yourself. There really isn’t a perfect frequency.

Many studies have been done on it and the reality is that it entirely depends on your brand, products, customers, sales lifecycle, ect. One thing which is consistent is that there is such a thing as too frequent, which is more than once a week or so. With most clients, we would not email anyone twice within 5 days, and send on Tu/Wed/Th. These days generated the best open rates over time for us.

To help you figure out a nurture frequency, consider the length of your sales cycle. General rule of sales says a lead needs 7 touches to become qualified. Of course, this can entirely change based on – you guessed it – your brand, products, and customers. Determine frequency by dividing the length of a sales cycle by the expected number of touches needed to close (we’ll say 7 for now). To keep it simple, say 30 day sales cycle, 7 touches in that time, means about once every 5 days.

I believe it depends entirely on the lead, the quality of the lead, and their score. In the end, the magic word is test.

  • 2x a month is likely fine for those who have purchased and just need a nudge with updates
  • Cold leads should probably be pushed harder to establish the brand and presence
  • Purchase history and frequency should also be considered. Those who buy more should be touched more than those who historically buy less.

It’s easy enough to start with a baseline like this and make adjustments as you have analytics on unsubscribes and opens, click-through rates, and conversions.

Additionally, if you’re establishing segmentation criteria on a list, you may need to push harder if you don’t know all their preferences so you can align them with the right nurture sequences, then reduce frequency once their preferences have been established.

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