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Inbound Strategy

An email marketing strategy forms the foundation for everything you do with email marketing. Among other things, it defines how your email marketing efforts will contribute to your overall marketing goals, and how you’ll measure success.

Data Attribution

Revenue optimization starts with understanding where that revenue is coming from. Beef up your data attribution, and start making decisions based on numbers.

Platform Migrations

Outgrowing your existing marketing automation platform isn't a bad thing. We make migrations simple (well, as simple as possible). From content mapping to new templates, integrations, and configuration - we've got you.

Identify your opportunities.
Define your strategy.

46% of marketers find that a lack of strategy is a significant barrier to effective email marketing. Let us lower that barrier for you.

Data Attribution and analytics

Revenue Optimization

Data-driven automation programming

Behavioral nurture - not time-based.

Client Case Study

HCP engagement


unique click through rate


growth in Rx’s for HCPs


in revenue

Client love

Naomi Kingery

The Nurturelabs team has been a critical ingredient to the success of the most dynamic email program that Medtronic has done with our most visible programs.  I see them as extensions of the Medtronic family and am incredibly grateful for their partnership!

 – Naomi Kingery, Medtronic Diabetes

Sample email only. Does not reflect real data.

The Nurturelabs Methodology

Our way to success

The Essentials

Our automation strategy revolves around two elements - Essential and Supplemental Programs. Essential programs are your TOFU / MOFU / BOFU campaigns, and are the basic framework for successful nurture.

End Bad Habits

It’s no secret that most companies are spending their time sending one-off campaigns. We call them “Batch and Blast”. Static lists, one-time sends, maximum effort. Rinse and repeat. It’s costly, and it’s an uneven experience for your leads. We help you to migrate away from that mindset, and focus on ongoing programs.

MKTNG + Sales

Once your higher-funnel campaigns are running, we repeat that framework for any of your other products and services. Which product goes first is entirely based around sales and performance. The middle of the funnel campaigns are typically built out in conjunction with Sales Leadership for alignment.

Supplemental Nurture

As the Essential Programs run, we begin to focus on Supplemental Programs. These include more specific nurtures, targeted at leads at a specific place in the buyer’s journey.

Narrow the Focus

As we round out the start of the Supplemental Campaigns, we begin to explore holes in your automation. This is the time campaigns including cold lead nurturing and closed-lost programs.


And finally, we turn our attention to closed-won and upsell campaigns. There is a world of opportunity simply tapping into your most engaged customers, and it’s an approach you don’t want to miss.

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