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Our integration with Facebook allows you to leverage contact information in your Nurturelabs CXP account to advertise more effectively to potential and existing clients or customers on Facebook.

With the integration in place, you can now use Nurturelabs CXP automations to add and remove contacts from Facebook Custom Audiences.

In this guide, you’ll learn from two example use cases to demonstrate how this new feature is useful and to help you get started.

Why Use Facebook Custom Audiences

The Facebook Custom Audiences integration provides additional data between Nurturelabs CXP and Facebook to help inform your marketing strategy.

By connecting the two platforms, you can target your Nurturelabs CXP contacts on Facebook; if they click on your ad, you’ll see that data in Facebook. If they follow through and visit your site, or make a purchase, you can track that information in Nurturelabs CXP with the help of our site tracking.

The combination of Facebook and Nurturelabs CXP data will give you deeper insight into your contacts’ behavior, and a more well-rounded way to interact with them.

Additionally, by uploading an Nurturelabs CXP contact list to Facebook with the Custom Audience integration, you have another opportunity to interact with your contacts right where they are.

Use Case: Targeting Prospects on Facebook

Let’s say you have a list of prospective customers in Nurturelabs CXP called “Prospects,” containing contacts who aren’t opening the emails you send. Since email doesn’t seem to be their preferred messaging method, you’ve created an automation that has reduced the number of emails those contacts are receiving. And because they haven’t been responsive to your email marketing efforts, you consider them unengaged contacts.

But what if you tried to reach them through another messaging method, instead? For instance, they might prefer to interact with brands on social media. That’s where the Facebook Custom Audiences integration comes in!
With this integration, you can add an action to your automation that adds the contacts from your Prospects list to a Facebook Custom Audience, so you can begin targeting that list of contacts with your messaging via Facebook ads.

After setting up the integration, navigate to the Automations tab in Nurturelabs CXP and find the automation you’d like to add to.
Use the new “Add to Facebook Custom Audience” action to add your “Prospects” list to a Facebook Custom Audience:

9in5t58o0 addtofca

Select the Facebook Ads account you want to add contacts to:

Then select your Prospects list from the “Select Custom Audience” dropdown. This will add contacts on your Prospects list to a custom audience in Facebook, once they reach this step in the automation.

Finally, create an ad on Facebook, and select your new “Prospects” custom audience. These contacts will now be specifically targeted by your ad.
If the unengaged contacts on your “Prospects” list click on your Facebook ad and it redirects them to a landing page specific to your Facebook ads, Nurturelabs CXP can capture visits to that page (with the site tracking feature).

If those contacts are arriving at your landing page via a Facebook ad, then submitting the form on that page, those contacts are once again engaged.
You also learn that they are more responsive to your messaging on Facebook rather than when you try to reach them via email. With this new knowledge, you can make more informed decisions about how you try to engage with and market to these contacts moving forward.

Use Case: Removing Contacts from a Facebook Custom Audience

Let’s say you run a travel agency and have been using the Facebook Custom Audiences integration to market your Costa Rica vacation package to your contacts on Facebook.

At the same time, you’re using site tracking to see how your contacts are interacting with your website, and have built an automation that applies tags to identify contacts who indicate interest in a particular destination by visiting the webpage of that destination package on your website at least three times.

In addition to your Costa Rica package, you are running a promotion for an Alaskan adventure; in most cases, these are two very separate audiences, and you want to target Costa Rica travelers, specifically.

You have a number of contacts who have the tag “Interest – Alaska Package,” and would like to remove them from your Costa Rica Facebook custom audience, since you know they’re not interested in seeing information about the Costa Rica package.

You can use the Remove From Facebook Custom Audience action in your automation to do this. In Nurturelabs CXP, navigate to the Automations tab and open the automation that applies the “Interest – Alaska Package” tag (don’t forget to turn your automation to “Inactive” before editing it).

Add the Remove from Facebook Custom Audience action after the Add tag action:

1k69knhld removefromfca

Select the correct Facebook Ads account and your Costa Rica Custom Audience from the appropriate dropdowns in the “Remove from Facebook Custom Audience” action module.

Now, anytime the “Interest – Alaska Package” tag is applied, that contact will be removed from your Costa Rica Facebook custom audience. At this point, if you like, you could add these contacts to a different Facebook custom audience that is being targeted with ads for the Alaska adventure.

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Remember, the Facebook Custom Audiences integration allows you to gather yet another set of data, giving you better insight into your contacts’ behavior.

With the ability to sync Nurturelabs CXP contact lists with Facebook, you also have a more well-rounded way to interact with your contacts, and another opportunity to meet your contacts where they are.