The State of Email Marketing: Litmus’ Survey 2021 Provides Valuable Insights for Businesses

Email marketing campaigns require insights into the latest trends and tactics that better serve brands’ needs. Litmus’ recent post, “The State of Email Survey 2021,” provides a survey of the current trends and insights of email marketing, including budgets, objectives, and metrics.

The survey highlights the critical role email marketing initiatives play in businesses’ strategies, with 89% of respondents stating that email is crucial or very important in their company’s growth plans. Furthermore, the survey shows that 84% of respondents have increased or maintained their email marketing budgets in 2021.

The guide also shares insights into email design trends, automation, and best practices. Examples range from using font style to communicate brand personality to sending welcome emails to foster brand loyalty.

Litmus highlighted that email marketing requires attention to details such as optimizing email accessibility to comply with laws and regulations and creating responsive designs to maximize compatibility across different devices.

In conclusion, Litmus’s guide is a valuable resource for businesses seeking to improve their email marketing campaigns. With insights into budgets, email design trends, and best practices, businesses can enhance their campaigns to foster engagement and drive growth. By putting emphasis on details such as optimizing email accessibility and creating responsive designs, businesses can set themselves apart from the competition and gain customer trust.

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