Here’s What Sound Recording can teach us about Omni-Channel Marketing


I’ve been recording music for about 15 years. Long days, and nights, alone in my basement, bedroom, dorm room, and now music room (!), I’ve recorded about 300 songs which I’ve also written. Honestly this isn’t something I share openly with my professional side because I’ve never been one to shout about my talents. The more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I’ve realized how many large similarities there are between Omni-Channel Marketing and recording a well thought out and produced song. Here’s a list.

In 15 years, I’ve only recorded a handful of songs I think are particularly good, and they all have these things in common. How that happens to translate to the complexities are kind of exciting for me. If you’re a music fan, I think you’ll appreciate the similarities as well.

So, here’s a tune for you to listen to, and here’s my breakdown of how the integral parts of my recording map to the integral pieces of a very large omni-channel marketing strategy. Enjoy.



Sound Recording Omni-Channel Marketing
Each instrument plays an integral part of the song Every level of you campaign is important. From email to social, from inbound to outbound.
Not all instruments are as important as others Some mediums are more powerful than others. For example, email may be your largest driver, especially over something like retargeting ads.
You can have too much of one instrument, even if it’s most important – like the vocals or a guitar solo With that said, you can push your lists too hard and see engagement go down, and unsubscribes go up. (What’s the perfect email frequency?)
Alternatively, you could not have enough of one On the flip side, you may not be emailing your database enough
Without great writing, a well recorded song can still be terrible Either way, without spending the time to write copy built around your personas, it won’t matter how much you email them.
Without a great mix, a great song may go unnoticed And undoubtedly, just because you’ve got a well written campaign, doesn’t mean you’re done. A enticing campaign will still go unnoticed unless you have that lovely omni-channel blanket covering the spectrum.

What are some other similarities you find? Also, let’s start a band.

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