See the Light in the Dark: Litmus’s Guide to Optimizing Imagery for Dark Mode

Dark mode has revolutionized user interfaces, and users have come to favor it over light modes. With its new preference, companies are now having to sail the dark mode wave by optimizing their images. Litmus’s recent post, “Optimize Imagery For Dark Mode,” delves into how businesses can make their emails and other company communications compatible with dark mode.

The post highlights that businesses can optimize their images for dark mode by adjusting the level of contrast between black and white and choosing colors that resonate well with the dark mode interface such as blues, grays, and purples.

The guide emphasizes how altering the contrast between black and white in imagery can help images appear vibrant in both light and dark mode. By reducing blending between hex codes for lighter grays and whites, and darker grays and blacks, you can improve the contrast, making it easier, and visually appealing, to view images.

In conclusion, Litmus’s post reinforces the importance of optimizing images for dark mode to achieve inclusivity and to retain subscribers continually. The guide highlights that businesses should pay close attention to adjustments of images made for dark mode interfaces, ensuring images are vibrant, clear, and legible in both light and dark modes. By optimizing their imagery for dark mode,

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