Say No to Spam Filters: ActiveCampaign’s Guide to Avoiding Spam Words in Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marking campaigns are essential for businesses, but they can often get caught in spam filters, wasting time and resources. ActiveCampaign’s recent post, “88 Spam Words to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Campaigns,” provides businesses with a list of words commonly associated with spam to help them avoid triggering spam filters.

The guide highlights how to avoid spam filters, with tips such as personalizing subject lines and email content based on the recipient’s interests, which lower spam filter risk. Businesses should also be wary of using trigger words that indicate spam, such as free, urgent, and limited time, in their email content.

The post shares a comprehensive list of spam words to avoid in subject lines, email content, and call-to-actions. Concluding that businesses should consider the broader context of their email when using such words, as using proper context can avoid triggering filters.

In conclusion, ActiveCampaign’s guide is a valuable resource that provides businesses with insights to avoid triggering spam filters and improve the delivery rates of their email campaigns. By personalizing email content, avoiding trigger words, and considering the email’s broader context, businesses can ensure their email marketing campaigns are delivered while avoiding the dreaded spam filter.

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