How to block your own visits from Google Analytics

It can be extremely misleading when you’re working on new pages or a new site and Google Analytics is counting your page visits as you check your work. Here’s how you stop that from happening. Our advice is to get the IP addresses from everyone on your team (if that’s feasible).

First, navigate to your admin panel, and under the third section, ‘View’, click on ‘Filters’


 Add a new filter, then name it anything – I chose ‘IP Block’. Now select the following:

  • Predefined filter
  • Exclude
  • For the source, select ‘Traffic from the IP addresses’
  • Choose
  • ‘That are equal to’


Now you’ll have a text box to end your IP address. To find this, visit At the top of the page you’ll see your IP. Don’t forget that if you work from home and the office, you’ll have different IP address. Update the filter each time you travel to be safe.


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