If you’re new to building in Pardot, or heck, well seasoned, these snippets will save you time and headaches.

Form Code

Make your submit button an image

Place this snippet in the Look and Feel step in the form wizard to change it to a image. Remember to remove all the text in the Submit Button field.

Trigger a download after successful form submission

Use this snippet to automatically start an asset (like a whitepaper) to download upon successful form submission. Place this code under the Thank You Code tab in the form wizard.

Email Templates

Email Content Regions

Pardot will automatically make every table cell or paragraph editable, however, if you want to “lock down” your template so only some areas are editable, you can use these snippets.

Editable Content

Add this snippet to a table cell to make it editable.

Repeatable Content

Pardot allows you to specify repeatable content blocks within an email template. This is great for scenarios where you need 3 content sections for 1 email but only 2 for another email.


View in Browser

To add a view in browser link to your email add the following snippet.


To add a unsubscribe link to your email add the following snippet.

Landing Pages & Landing Page Templates

Landing Page Variable Tags


Use this snippet to populate the name of the Pardot landing page.


Place this snippet where you would like the form, site search results, or landing page general content to appear within your design.

Content Regions

A Link

Use this snippet to make a link in your landing page template editable.

An Image

Use this snippet to make an image in your landing page template editable.


Use this snippet to make HTML elements editable. You can use it on the following tags: address, b, big, blockquote, caption, cite, del, dfn, em, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, i, ins, kbd, p q, s, samp, span, small, strike, strong, sub, sup, u var


Use this snippet to make HTML elements editable. You can use it on the following tags: article, aside, div, dt, dd, figure, figcaption, li, footer, header, main, section, td.

There’s plenty to sift through here, but I hope these code snippets make your Pardot building that much easier!

Ryan Axford

Ryan is the founder and Principal Automation and Optimization Consultant at nurturelabs. Over the last several years he has been the face behind lead generation programs driving triple digit results for various software companies. He has experience managing the optimization of the content lifecycle, landing pages, and automation platforms both large and small. Ryan has written Pardot trainings, and has most recently worked with clients including the University of California and HPE Software, as well as clients across SaaS, Services, and Technology Hardware.


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