Why should I hire a Nurturelabs consultant?

Marketing Automation is constantly changing. It used to be that generalist marketers made for a strong team because they worked together to cover a broad spectrum. Overlap was considered beneficial as it strengthened the core of the organization. With the speed, complexities, and most importantly the potential that software like Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, and even Mailchimp offers, generalists find themselves without the ability to focus to make large gains in targeted areas.

So why hire a consultant and not just a full-time specialist? Well, we’re more affordable, focused, and have undoubtedly solved problems similar to those you’ve experienced.

Though the cost of consultants may seem high compared to a full-time employee, consider the following that the hours we work are intently focused on solving very specific tasks. Inevitably, focus is difficult to keep in full time company. As hard as managers may try, employees spread thin, or work across multiple teams, and this results in a wider working footprint. As consultants, we don’t have that problem. Our goals are simple: Grow revenue by improving conversion rates, user experience, and the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel with email nurture.

This focus leads to guaranteed cost savings to you and your team.

Additionally, we’re working in Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Mailchimp and Eloqua every day. We’re focused on converting visitors of your site with content and offers to get them into a top of the funnel drip campaign. We used tools like lead scoring to deliver the right offers to the right contacts, pushing them into the middle of the funnel. Identifying the MOFU leads is a skill, and a science. We run the numbers to find out who should be entering the middle of the funnel, and we push lower-funnel content to them at the right time. This may mean as they visit your site as a lead, they’re emailed relevant, action based emails, or sales may be notified.

The bottom of the funnel has two primary goals, to close deals and to begin nurturing customers to convert them to evangelists. Identifying potential evangelists is important to for many reasons, especially for sales enablement content opportunities, joint webinars, referrals, and whitepapers.

This attention to detail is the kind of focus you get from Nurturelabs Marketing Automation consultants. We’re dedicated to being a concentrated force in your email nurture, no matter which platform you’re using.