How do you keep track of open deals and next steps?

Use sales pipelines to stay up-to-date on open deals so nothing slips through the cracks. When next steps are clear, you can turn potential customers into paying customers.

Map stages to your customer’s journey

You know how customers buy from your business. Create your sales pipeline to match the buyer journey your customers go through. From awareness to the decision to buy, make sure your pipeline has stages that map to the entire journey.

Sell how customers buy

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What deals are in what sales stages? What’s the next step you should take?

Easily track how many open deals you have and which deals need attention. Having a clean sales pipeline helps you predict revenue, track your leads, simplify sales, and define your marketing strategy to better align with your sales stages.

Support different workflows with unique pipelines

Your business and your customers are always evolving. You need a flexible solution that can adapt to those changes. Create unique pipelines for your different buyer types. Or manage different workflows for each part of your organization.

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