Where are your most qualified leads?

Do you know your contacts’ magic number?

What is a lead score? It’s a simple number that goes up or down based on how contacts interact with your business. Do they visit your site? Open an email? Submit a form? Add to their lead score, so you can see how engaged each contact is at a glance.

Find your most qualified leads

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Tell your team about the hottest leads

Get notified when leads are heating up. Automatically trigger email notifications and assign tasks based on lead score changes, so you can always follow up with the deals most likely to close.

Start automations for your most interested contacts

When a contact hits a certain score, start an automation. Automatically send your most engaged contacts the information they need, then make an offer that’s a no-brainer.

Assign scores to individual contacts or overall deals

Score your individual contacts based on their actions and interest. Or attach a score to an overall deal, so you know how likely the deal is to close—even if your primary contact changes.

Set up scores for everything you offer

What if you offer multiple products? Or different services? You can set up multiple lead scores, so that you can track interest for each of your offerings individually.

Adjust a score based on anything

Do you care about email opens, or form submissions? Site visits, or email replies? We let you adjust lead scores based on almost any action, so you can choose the lead scoring rules that make sense for your business.


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