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Drive more purchases by integrating Nurturelabs with Shopify. Strengthen your Ecommerce platform with world-class marketing automation.


The Nurturelabs and Salesforce integration allows you to identify and nurture leads using industry-leading automation. Learn how to integrate with ActiveCampaign today.

Google Analytics

Automatically use Google Analytics to track all of your link clicks – without needing to add UTMs. See the impact of your email campaigns through Google Analytics’ many insights.

Trace customers’ paths from start to finish, then use data to discover trends

Does social media or search convert better? What makes your visitors more likely to convert? Create attribution reports to measure the effectiveness of all touchpoints that lead up to a customer’s conversion.
“I’m skeptical of marketing companies as most over promise and under deliver. Nurturelabs is not your typical company, not only did they answer every question and give me piece of mind, they did everything they said and more. First company I’ve met to under promise and over deliver. Honestly don’t know how we survived before them!”
– Dave Urban

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Make your marketing as profitable as possible

With attribution, you’ll know what marketing and advertising efforts are generating leads for your business, allowing you to optimize your ad spend and make more informed business decisions.

Works with your existing UTM link tracking

Attribution uses the industry standard UTM parameters to track visitor sources once site tracking is enabled.

When you connect attribution to automation, you create more personal experiences


Trigger automations based on source

Trigger automations and create segments based on where customers come from. See which sources convert the most leads.

See the customer journey

When you click on a contact, you can see the exact path they used-from Google, to Twitter, to Facebook, to web search, to conversion.

Personalize your marketing

Use attribution data to customize your follow-up based on where your leads come from and the actions they take.

Know when a contact converts

Notify your team when a conversion occurs. Define custom conversion events based on your specific business goals.

Attribute leads to conversions

Try it free. No credit card required. Instant set-up.