Where are the bottlenecks in your customer journey?

Automation Map is the first and only tool that lets you see how automations connect to each other. That makes it easy to edit your marketing—and find new opportunities to grow your business.

How can a single screen show you everything at once?

Map page

See all of the automations in your account, plus their status. Easily navigate your automations, map out new automations, or adjust your strategy.

Map links

See which automations are connected to each other, plan new automations, or update existing automations.

Map shelf

See high-level reports on the performance of each automation so you can adjust your strategy based on what works.

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Edit your automations on the fly

If you ever need to make changes to your marketing strategy, it’s easy to see how all your automations work together. That means less time digging through complicated workflows and more time to work on your business.

Find automation opportunities you never knew existed

When you can see your marketing at a glance, new opportunities practically jump off the screen. Find new ways to make entire sections of your business work together—from social media and SMS reminders, to sales and customer service.

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