Pull each contact to the right stage of your funnel

Not all of your contacts have the same needs. Goal tracking lets you see who’s moving through your funnel —and where people drop off.

How can goal tracking help you control your marketing?

When you can see what happens at every step of your funnel, it gets easier to manage your marketing.

Set specific goal actions

When contacts take the actions you choose, move them to the right stage of your funnel.

See how goals perform

See how long it takes contacts to move to the next stage of your funnel. Track the number of contacts that complete goals and the percentage that convert.

Segment users and take action

Target contacts who have achieved a goal—or the ones who haven’t. Then notify your sales team or automatically follow up.

Convert more customers

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Measure every step of your marketing

Are your contacts taking the specific actions you want them to? When you track “micro-conversions” like opens and link clicks, you can see where people fall out of your funnel—and pull them back in.


Give your contacts what they want

Contacts have different needs at every step of your sales funnel. Track their micro-conversions, so you can pull them to the messages they want to hear.

Know who buys and who doesn’t

Use goal reports to track the effectiveness of your marketing. Know exactly how many people have seen your offer and how many decide to buy.

Upsell and cross-sell based on past purchases

What happens after someone buys? Anything you want. With conversion data, you can target the people who buy with offers that make sense for your business.

Convert more customers

Try it free. No credit card required. Instant set-up.