Grow your Healthcare Practice with Customer Experience Automation


Acquire and retain patients while keeping your office running smoothly and patient satisfaction high.

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Fuel your business’ growth

Customer Experience Automation fuels your practice’s growth with automated 1:1 communications through the entire customer lifecycle. Unlike legacy tools like marketing automation or CRM that solve for one part of the customer experience, Nurturelabs CXP automates across these to create experiences that drive retention and loyal patients.

Stay connected to your patients

Provide office updates, the latest health blogs, and general information directly to your patients using email and text messages.


Automate pre and post appointment communications

From intake forms and appointment reminders to post-appointment feedback, keep your office humming without worrying about repetitive tasks that can be automated.

Connect customers to your online portals to increase patient retention

Send new patients an invitation to your online portal and ensure a smooth onboarding process, with triggered reminders if no action has been taken.

Drive patient confirmations to reduce missed appointments

Reduce lost revenue from no-shows by setting up automated patient appointment reminders. Send a message directly or trigger a task for your office staff to call.

Understand patient satisfaction

Link your survey application to Nurturelabs and trigger post-appointment survey messages. Get timely patient responses and take action.

Running a healthcare practice means using a lot of tools together

Nurturelabs CXP integrates with 870+ apps including 10to8, SurveyMonkey, DocuSign, WordPress, and more.

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The essential tools for healthcare practices

Get the critical capabilities for growth. Everything you need to create unique and scalable customer experiences – zero marketing experience needed.

Marketing Automation

Target the right prospects automatically and manage the marketing that no one else has time for.

Email Marketing

To automate timely follow-up, promote new deals, and stay engaged and connected with your consumers, use customized, triggered emails.

HIPPA Compliance

HIPAA compliant services are available for Enterprise tier customers. Additional terms and conditions apply. Ask more about this.


Customer Intake Forms

Capture new patient inquiries so you can follow up with prospective patients in a timely manner.


Advanced Reporting

Measure the growth of your list and practice. Check reports to find new ways to grow and bring on more patients.



Track visits to your website and specific interest areas, then group your audience by commonalities for targeted patient outreach.


Facebook Customer Audiences

Reach your prospective patients with Facebook Ads, targeted using Nurturelabs CXP segments.

Custom Fields

Set appointment reminders to be triggered based on the date/time of each patient’s appointment.

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