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Drive loyal ticket holders, event attendance, and positive reviews.

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Fuel your business’ growth

Customer Experience Automation fuels your company’s growth with automated 1:1 communications through the entire customer lifecycle. Unlike legacy tools like marketing automation or CRM that solve for one part of the customer experience, Nurturelabs CXP automates across these to create experiences that drive repeat ticket holders and satisfied guests.

Automate pre and post-event communication

Make sure registrants and attendees have the information they need before or after an event. Easily schedule communication in advance and personalize for each attendee.

Promote to your most loyal members

Use tags to segment your members. Communicate exclusive member benefits for early access, special events, and promotions. Or drive program membership with specific offers and promotions to non-members.

Drive ticket sales and attendance with 1:1 messages

Use app integrations and site tags to understand someone’s interest level in your event, then automate follow-up to drive their purchase.

Increase booking, show, or special requests

Follow up with the hottest inquiries in no time. With web forms and automations you can make sure to capture important information upfront, notify your booking team, and send an automated message to the prospective client.

Turn potential guests into paying ticket holders

Understand where your audience is, how they find you, and then automate a nurture flow that turns leads into ticket holders.


Eventbrite, Stripe, and membership integrations add the tools you need

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The essential tools for events and entertainment

Get the critical capabilities for growth. Everything you need to create unique and scalable customer experiences – zero marketing experience needed.

Marketing Automation

Target the right prospects automatically and manage the marketing that no one else has time for.

Email Marketing

To automate timely follow-up, promote new deals, and stay engaged and connected with your consumers, use customized, triggered emails.

Ticket Pipeline

Track your entire pipeline, and make sure none of your guests slip through the cracks.


Advanced Reporting

Measure the growth of your list and business. Check reports to find new ways to grow.


Member Engagement Scoring

See your most engaged members, so you know who wants to hear from you the most and about what.


Goal Tracking

Track ticket purchases and memberships, so you can see how your event launches perform.



Where do your guests come from? Find out, then go there to get more.



Track link clicks, visits to your website, event interest and practically any other behavior.


Facebook Custom Audiences

Reach interested attendees with Facebook Ads, targeted using Nurturelabs segments.


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