Email Segmentation

Send people exactly what they want to see

Nurturelabs CXP Email List Segmentation Example

Without segmentation, nothing works as well as it should

Some people open your emails. Some people click on them. But doesn’t it seem like those numbers could be a bit higher?

Without segmentation…

With segmentation…

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Tags let you group, sort, send, and automate

“Segmentation” is a big word. “Tag” isn’t. When you use tags to segment, it’s as easy as attaching a sticky note to your contacts. After you add a tag, it never falls off—and you can target that specific contact forever.

Did you know? You can add tags automatically.

When contacts visit your website or click on links in your emails, they show you what they care about. You can automatically add a tag any time your contact acts—and then send them content based on their interests.

Change up your email content based on tags

Tags let you send one email—with different, conditional content. Use tags to swap out sections of text or images so that each contact sees exactly what they’re interested in.

How can you segment your audience?

Different groups of people care about different things. So speak to them differently. Tags, custom fields, and data collected within the Nurturelabs Customer Experience Platform lets you create as many groups as you want.

Experience it yourself

Try it free. No Credit Card required.