Nurturelabs CXP for Ecommerce

Grow your online store, get more customers, and save time doing it

Create new business, increase brand loyalty, and automate revenue-generating tasks. Get access to the marketing tools you’ll need to expand your ecommerce company.

Customer Experience Automation

Grow your ecommerce business with Nurturelabs CXP

Create better communications based on previous browsing and purchase activity, and interact with your database as if you had a personal marketer for each person. ActiveCampaign has you covered whether you’re selling items or services in your own online shop, via a marketplace platform, or a combination of both.

Reach and engage customers across the customer lifecycle

Drive brand loyalty by going beyond the original transaction. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have the skills you need to turn one-time buyers into brand loyalists across the complete customer journey.




Seamlessly connect to your customers across all channels

Deliver a consistent and linked experience across all channels, including email, SMS, messaging, chat, and social media.



Save time while driving growth

Automate your sales process so that sales can concentrate their efforts on the most important leads in their pipeline.
Get access to a library that includes:

Built for the way you do business right now, and ready to help you expand in the future

CRM & Sales Automation

Automate the tracking of new customers and order fulfillment, maintain consistent customer data records, and ensure that your sales staff have more information to enable 1:1 follow-up contacts.

Marketing Automation

Target the right prospects automatically and manage the marketing that no one else has time for.

Email Marketing

To automate timely follow-up, promote new deals, and stay engaged and connected with your consumers, use customized, triggered emails.

Service and Support

Connect email, live chat, and SMS conversations to track possibilities for follow-up, promotions, and order updates.