Predictive Sending

Email your customers at the perfect moment

With predictive sending, check a box and we’ll make sure your emails are being sent at just the right time for each recipient, when they’re most likely to engage.

How it works

Let’s go through how predictive sending finds the best time to send an email.

Step 1: Turn it on

When you use the Send email action in an automation, opt to send with predictive sending.

Step 2: Analyze sending

Our data will rank each hour in a day based on a contact’s habitual open time, and Nurturelabs CXP will use these recommendations to schedule an appropriate send time.

Step 3: Watch engagement rise

See the recommended send time as well as the time the email was actually sent out in our reporting, and gain valuable insight into your audience.

Intelligent automations to enhance engagement

More eyes on your emails

With smarter automation send times, get more eyes on your emails and watch engagement and conversion rates grow.

Stop guessing

We take the guesswork out of marketing by predicting an optimal time to send each automation email to each customer.

Keep learning

Never stop learning from your customers. As they continue to engage with your emails, send times only get more targeted.

Want to see it in action?