Medtronic Diabetes

I have really appreciated the guidance from Nurturelabs with our first multi-channel campaign targeting healthcare professionals. Being able to create the unique distribution pathways for multiple customer groups really made this campaign work. It is a complex campaign, with seven individual microsite pages that are linked together. The critical component for us has been able to track engagement on the pages, so we can identify what is relevant for customers and follow-up with them effectively.

This campaign has been viewed as a success internally, and we are already pitching to create our second multi-channel campaign. We have been able to see an increase in prescriptions for the HCP leads from this campaign, demonstrating growth of 14% growth in Rx’s for HCPs.

Thanks to Nurturelabs for all of their support along the way – they have been so flexible with all of the changes that have come up, and finding solutions to keep us moving forward.